Waterloo Workshop: The Global Suburban Infrastructure Workshop


Workshop Poster final (3)School of Planning, University of Waterloo, June 14-16, 2015

As the world population is becoming increasingly urban, most of the growth is happening in suburbs. It is thus there that infrastructure stress is most acute, would it be because of a lag of infrastructure development relative to population and economic growth, neglect of suburban populations relative to those of more central parts of urban areas, or the location in suburbs of large infrastructures serving the needs of the entire metropolitan region. The workshop will explore suburban infrastructure issues from a global perspective. It will identify the specificity of these problems according to different parts of the world as well as conditions faced by all suburban areas across the globe. Participants to the workshop will use this information to formulate solutions to suburban infrastructure problems.

The workshop, which is organized jointly by the Faculty of Environmental Studies of York University and the School of Planning of the University of Waterloo, will group international academic experts in different types of infrastructures. For information you can reach Pierre Filion (pfilion@uwaterloo.ca, 519 888-4567x33963) or Roger Keil

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