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Retrofitting Suburbia with Ellen Dunham-Jones a success!

On Wednesday, April 12, 2017 we hosted our second Towards Suburbia seminar with sub/urban design scholar, Ellen Dunham-Jones with great success. Ellen Dunham-Jones shared new case studies and research on how retrofits of prototypical suburban property types throughout North America are helping suburbs address 21st century challenges they were never designed for. She drew on her database of over 1400 examples […]

March 2017 edition of Habitat International features MCRI supported research

The March 2017 edition of Habitat International features MCRi supported research on water supply in suburban Hanoi. "Fragmented landscapes of water supply in suburban Hanoi" authored by Lucía Wright-Contreras, Hug March, and Sophie Schramm "addresses the relationship between the urban development of Hanoi, Vietnam, and water supply including users’ perception of water accessibility and satisfaction of […]

Lucy Lynch

Title/Position: Project Coordinator Department/Faculty/Institution: MCRI Global Suburbanisms, Faculty of Environmental Studies Degree(s)/School(s): Master’s in Environmental Studies, York University and Bachelor's in Art History, University of British Columbia E-mail: MCRI Involvement: Research and Dissemination Assistant and B4: Boundaries Research Assistant (2015-2016) Background: Lucy Lynch is the Project Coordinator of the MCRI “Global Suburbanisms” project. Lucy worked as […]

City Seminar: “Variations on Urbanism and Planning: Johannesburg perceived from a Toronto Perspective”

Join us for a presentation from graduate students Ryan Adamson, Nabeel Ahmed, Joyce Chan, Carmen Charles, Stephen Closs, Ying Gu, Floyd Heath, Patrycja Jankowski, Victoria Moore, Assya Moustaqim- Barrette, and Orli Schwartz from Ute Lehrer’s Critical Urban Planning Workshop in Johannesburg. Students will present a critical analysis of Johannesburg’s post apartheid urban development along a variety […]

New book edited by Roger Keil; Julie-Anne Boudreau; Stefan Kipfer and Pierre Hamel

Governing Cities through Regions Canadian and European Perspectives edited by Roger Keil; Julie-Anne Boudreau; Stefan Kipfer & Pierre Hamel 'The region is back in town. Galloping urbanization has pushed beyond historical notions of metropolitanism. City-regions have experienced, in Edward Soja’s terms, “an epochal shift in the nature of the city and the urbanization process, marking the beginning of […]