Other Dissemination

Invited Talks and Seminars

Will Poppe presented "Suburban Decline and Renewal in Toronto and Leipzig" at the Tower Renewal Symposium on May 12, 2011.

Keil, R. (2014). Rethinking Urban Studies from the Periphery: Suburbanization, Suburbanisms and Urban Theory Revisited. Presented at the University of British Columbia. Okanagan, BC. March, 26, 2014.

Mabin, Alan. (2012, March 07. Peripheries, Suburbanisms and Change in African Cities. Urbanity Week Public Lectures on Remaking the City: Life and Planning at the Informal/Formal Interface. Uppsala, Sweden.

Hirt, Sonia. (2012, May). Iron Curtains: Gates, Suburbs and Privatization of Space in the Post-socialist City. Presented at the University of Cambridge and University College,  London, UK.

Hirt, Sonia. (2012, January). Landscapes of Post-modernity: Changes in the Fabric of Post-socialist Cities. Presented at Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany.

Harris, Richard. (20 October, 2011). The Making of Dufferin-St. Clair. Public Lecture, Toronto Public Library History Matters Series. Toronto, Ontario.

Keil, Roger. (6 December, 2011). Reimagining Our Vertical City: Introducing the NFB Documentary One Millionth Tower. Panel Discussion. Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, Ontario.

Poppe, Will. (12 May, 2011). Suburban Decline and Renewal in Toronto and Leipzig. Poster presented at Tower Renewal Symposium. University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario.

Poppe, Will. (16 November 2011). Tower Renewal and Social Justice in Toronto. Presentation to ENVS 3222, “Urban and Regional Infrastructures”. York University, Toronto, Ontario.

Young, Douglas. (3 November, 2011). Planning and the Modern Suburb: Then and Now. Presentation to the North York Modernist Architecture Forum, theme “Suburbia: Then and Now.” North York Civic Centre, Toronto, Ontario.

SUBURBS Talks will be held at the href="http://www.yorku.ca/city">CITY Institute at York University periodically during the duration of the “Global Suburbanisms” MCRI.

Students and faculty member attending a SUBURBSTALK with Alex Schafran, “The Strange Case of the Bay Area”.

Kramer, A. and Mettke, C. (2013). The death and life of ‘transit city’: Searching for sustainable transportation in Toronto’s suburbs. Apr. 3, 2013.

Keil, R. and Macdonald, S. (2013). Boundaries, metabolisms, landscape: Post-suburban political ecologies in Toronto. Apr. 3, 2013.

Schafran, Alex. (2013). The Strange Case of the Bay Area. Jan. 14, 2013. Toronto, Ontario.

Koch, Florian. (2012). href="../2012/06/19/suburbtalks-seminar-by-florian-koch/">Urban planning and governance processes at the city fringe: The case of Barranquilla, Colombia. June 26, 2012. Toronto, Ontario.

Patterson, Adaoma, C. (2012). Does Poverty Exist in Peel Region?. February 16, 2012. Toronto, Ontario.

Mabin, Alan. (2011). Scope and Dimensions of African Suburbanism. April 8, 2011. Toronto, Ontario.


Former MCRI student Nishanthan Balasubramaniam speaks to participants of the Empire, City and Nature conference during a bus tour of Toronto's suburbs.

Keil, Roger. (2011)." Global Suburbanization: The Challenge of Research Cities in the 21st Century."

Young, Douglas. (2011). "Hyper-development or Nothing to do: Urban Planning in Toronto’s In-between City"

Nishanthan Balasubramaniam. (2012).  The Making of a Multi-Ethnic Ethnoburb: A Case Study of Markham, Ontario.

(June 2, 2013). As part of the "Empire, Nature, City" conference, we did a bus tour for the conference participants of Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, and Markham. Joining us on the tour were former MRCI students: Andria Oliveira, Camilia Changizi and Nishanthan Balasubramaniam.