Roger Keil & Sean Hertel Talk About Fixing the GTA

Roger Keil was among the contributors to the Globe & Mail's compilation of 14 ideas for improving the GTA in 2014 and used the opportunity to talk about the need to bring urbanites and suburbanites together.

My proposal for 2014 is to make a leap forward and try to create councils and roundtables and begin to come together across these municipal borders. [I want] the good people in Toronto – the builders and the urbanists and the community organizers and all the people who have been building this region from the ground up – to receive more attention for what they are doing.

You can read his entire contribution, and the 13 other great ideas here.

You can also listen to Sean Hertel, co-coordinator of the Greater Toronto Suburban Working Group elaborating upon these ideas, talking with the CBC's Matt Galloway about how to bridge the city-suburb divide and "seize our citizenship as Torontonians."