Matthias Bernt

Title/Position: Senior Researcher
Department Regeneration of Cities / Leibniz Institute for Regional Development and Structural Planning
Degree(s)/School(s): Dr. Phil.

MCRI Projects: B2: Suburban Redevelopment and Tower Renewal.

Background: Matthias Bernt's research focuses on issues of urban renewal and governance both within shrinking cities and in the context of gentrification. He has published numerous papers on both topics, including the article “Bargaining with decline” in the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research which was awarded the AESOP Best Paper in 2009 Prize.

Recently, he has been working on two projects that study governance in the context of urban shrinkage, both in a German and a European comparative perspective.

Research Interests: Governance; Shrinkage; Gentrification; Urban Renewal.

Selected Publications:

Bernt, M. (2011). Neue Themen, weniger Mittel, schwierige Akteurskonstellationen: Zur Governance der Schrumpfung. In U. Altrock, J. Aring, U. Hahne & I. Reuther (eds.) Gewinnen, Verlieren, Transformieren. Die europäischen Stadtregionen in Bewegung. Berlin: Reimer, pp. 115-125.

Bernt, M. & Hagemeister, U. (2011). Stadtentwicklung unter Schrumpfungsbedingungen. Das Beispiel Stadtumbau Ost. Archplus. 44 (203): 72-75.

Bernt, M. & Rink, D. (2010) Not Relevant for the System. The Crisis in the Backyards. International Journal for Urban and Regional Research. 34 (3): 678-685.

Bernt, M. (2009). Partnerships for Demolition: The Governance of Urban Renewal in East Germany's Shrinking Cities. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research: 754-769.

Bernt, M. & Holm, A. (2009). Is it, or is it not? The conceptualisation of gentrification and displacement and its political implications. The case of Prenzlauer Berg. City. 13 (2-3): 312-324.

Bernt, M. (2009). Renaissance through demolitions? Leipzig's response to urban shrinkage. In E. Porter, K. Shaw (eds.) Whose urban renaissance? An international comparison of policy drivers and responses to urban regeneration strategies. London: Routledge: 75-83.

Naumann, M. & Bernt, M. (2009). When the tap stays dry: Water networks in eastern Germany. Local Environment. 14 (5): 461-471.

Bernt, M. (2006). Gentrification of a particular type. The case of Prenzlauer Berg. In R. Atkinson & G. Bridge (eds.) Gentrification in a Global Perspective. London: Blackwell, pp. 106-125.