Lucy Lynch

Title/Position: Project Coordinator
MCRI Global Suburbanisms, Faculty of Environmental Studies
Master’s in Environmental Studies, York University and Bachelor's in Art History, University of British Columbia

MCRI Involvement: Project Coordinator (2017-2019); Research & Dissemination Assistant (2016-2017); B4: Boundaries Research Assistant (2015-2016).

Background: Lucy Lynch graduated from York University’s Master of Environmental Studies program with a specialization in Urban and Environmental Planning in 2016. She has published work on green infrastructure and greenbelt policies and the development of new public spaces in growing suburban communities.

Research Interests: Urban Political Ecology; Ecological Modernization; Infrastructure/Green Infrastructure; Greenbelts; Growth Policies; Public Space; Land Trusts; Housing and Development.

Publications & Presentations:

Lynch, L. (2019). The Hamptons of Toronto: Cottage-Condo Suburbanization and Implications for Public Space. Canadian Journal of Urban Research.

Macdonald, S. & Lynch, L. (2019). ‘Green Infrastructure’: The Greater Golden Horseshoe Greenbelt as Urban Boundary? In Filion, P. & Pulver, N. (eds.) Critical Perspectives on Suburban Infrastructures: Contemporary International Cases. University of Toronto Press.

Lynch, L. (2019, February) The Urban Political Ecology of Escaping the Urban. MCRI Global Suburbanisms Workshop on Sub/urban Political Ecology, University of Amsterdam.

Lynch, L. (2018, February) From Grey to Green to Blue: The Greater Golden Horseshoe Greenbelt and Beyond. Guest lecture for Faculty of Environmental Studies Undergraduate Class Foundations in Urban and Regional Environments, York University, Toronto.

Lynch, L. (2018, October). Public spaces & great places: planning the public realm in the Greater Golden Horseshoe. Spaces and Flows: Ninth International Conference on Urban and ExtraUrban Studies, Heidelberg University, Germany.

Lynch, L. (2018, April). From Grey to Green to Blue: Growing the Golden Horseshoe Greenbelt. American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, New Orleans, USA.

Lynch, L. (2017, June). Not Quite Urban, Not Quite Rural: The Use of Public Space in New Suburban Developments. Canadian Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, York University, Toronto.

Lynch, L. (2016, October). Escape the urban for the rurban: new tourist developments in Toronto’s rural periphery. Planning the Rurban International Workshop, University College London, UK.

Lynch, L. (2016, March). Beyond the Greenbelt. MCRI Global Suburbanisms Workshop: Blue-Green Boundaries in a Suburbanizing World, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil.