Alan Walks

Title/Position: Associate Professor
Department of Geography, University of Toronto at Mississauga
PhD (Geography/Planning) University of Toronto; MA (Planning) University of Waterloo; BA (International Development) Dalhousie University. 

MCRI Projects: A1 Universal Benchmarking


Alan Walks’ research is concerned with understanding the causes and consequences of urban social and political inequality in the cities of the developed world, particularly those in Canada. The author of a number of scholarly articles and book chapters, he has examined the implications of predominant patterns of suburban growth for the trajectory of urban policy and national politics, as well as effects of changing urban policy on gentrification and concentration of poverty, among other things.

Research Interests: Urban Inequality and Social Polarization; Neighbourhood Effects on Political Attitudes and Ideology; Urban Development and Housing Policy.

Selected Publications:

Soederberg, S. & Walks, A. (2018). Producing and Governing Inequalities under Planetary Urbanization: From Urban Age to Urban Revolution? Geoforum. 89: 107-113.

August, M. & Walks, A. (2018). Gentrification, Suburban Decline, and the Financialization of Multi-Family Rental Housing. Geoforum. 89: 124-136.

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