Accepting Applications for Critical Planning Workshop in Germany

  ENVS 6325 Critical Urban Planning Workshop 2019 Course director: Ute Lehrer High-rise Apartment Buildings: From Modernism to Financialization This course will look at historical and contemporary examples of compact forms of living. Taking the centenary of the Bauhaus – the foundation of the Modern Movement in Architecture – as a starting point to critically […]

A Theory of the Tides: Centres, Peripheries and Urban Revolt

Date: Tuesday November 6, 12:30pm-2:00pm Location: Room 140, Health, Nursing & Environmental Studies Building Across the planet new patterns of urban restructuring are inscribing themselves with ferocity. It is both evident to the everyday-eye and statistically verifiable: urban cores are being acceleratingly dominated by waves of upscale residents and residences, investment properties, spectactularist touristic forays […]

MCRI co-hosts zoning event with City of TO, Centre for Urban Growth and Renewal, United Way TO and York Region.

On Thursday July 19, property owners, entrepreneurs, community members, academics and city builders will gather at York University in celebration of Toronto’s newest zone: the Residential Apartment Commercial (RAC) ( Moderated by Graeme Stewart, Principal of ERA and the Centre for Urban Growth and Renewal, this event hosted by the City of Toronto will centre […]

Student Graduate Workshop with Ellen Dunham-Jones

Retrofitting Suburbia for 21st Century Challenges The “Retrofitting Suburbia Workshop” will be a deep dive into one of the more ambitious suburban retrofits, the White Flint/Pike District in North Bethesda, Maryland. After a presentation of the project, Professor Dunham-Jones will lead participants in a discussion of the diverse impacts of the redevelopment and a comparison […]

City Seminar: “Variations on Urbanism and Planning: Johannesburg perceived from a Toronto Perspective”

Join us for a presentation from graduate students Ryan Adamson, Nabeel Ahmed, Joyce Chan, Carmen Charles, Stephen Closs, Ying Gu, Floyd Heath, Patrycja Jankowski, Victoria Moore, Assya Moustaqim- Barrette, and Orli Schwartz from Ute Lehrer’s Critical Urban Planning Workshop in Johannesburg. Students will present a critical analysis of Johannesburg’s post apartheid urban development along a variety […]

SUBURBSTALK: Understanding the ‘Irrational’: The Contemporary Form of the Turkish State Through an Analysis of the Housing Market

presented by Ezgi Dogru, Political Science, York University Wednesday, September 21st, 2016: 2:00pm-3:00pm Room 280A, York Lanes, York University With reference to the field work that she conducted in 2014 and 2015 in Istanbul and Ankara, the presenter will discuss how the Turkish Mass Housing Administration (Toplu Konut Idaresi [TOKI]) was first advertised as an […]