Pablo Mendez

pablo mendezName: Pablo Mendez
Title/Position: Assistant Professor
Department/Faculty/Institution: Geography and Environmental Studies, Carleton University
Degree(s)/School(s): PhD (Geography), University of British Columbia

MCRI Projects: A1: Universal Benchmarking

Research Interests: Urban and Economic Geography; Uses of Housing; Housing Markets; Housing Policy; Mortgage Markets; Private Rental Housing.

Selected Publications:

Moos, M., Mendez, P., McGuire, L., Wyly, E., Kramer, A., Walter-Joseph, R. & Williamson, M. (2016). More continuity than change? Re-evaluating the contemporary socio-economic and housing characteristics of suburbs. Canadian Journal of Urban Research.

Mendez, P. & Quastel, N. (2016). Subterranean Commodification: Informal Housing and the Legalization of Basement Suites in Vancouver from 1928 to 2009. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research. 39 (6): 1155-1171.

Moos, M. & Mendez, P. (2015). Suburban ways of living and the geography of income: How homeownership, single-family dwellings and automobile use define the metropolitan social space. Urban Studies.

Mendez, P., Moos, M. & Osolen, R. (2015). Driving the commute: Getting to work in the auto-mobility city. In A. Walks (ed.) The Urban Political Economy and Ecology of Automobility: Driving Cities, Driving Inequality, Driving Politics. Routledge.

Wyly, E.,  Martin, D., Mendez, P. & Holloway, S. (2012). Transnational Tense: Immigration and Inequality in American Housing Markets. In G. Bolt, A.S Özüekren & D. Phillips (eds.) Linking Integration and Residential Segregation. Oxford: Routledge. (Originally published in Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 36(2): 187-208.)