Julie-Anne Boudreau

Julie-Anne-Boudreau-website-photoTitle/Position: Associate Professor
Department/Faculty/Institution: Institut national de la recherché scientifique (INRS)
Degree(s)/School(s): Centre Urbanisation, Culture, Société
E-mail: Julie-anne.boudreau@ucs.inrs.ca

MCRI Projects: B8: Everyday Suburbanisms; C2: North America Research Cluster.

Background: Julie-Anne Boudreau is Doctor of Urban Studies from the School of Public Policy and Social Research of the University of California at Los Angeles. Currently Associate Professor at the Institut national de la recherche scientifique, Centre Urbanisation Culture Société (INRS-UCS) in Montreal, and holder of the Canada Research Chair on Urbanity, Insecurity, and Political Action, her work focuses on the relationship between political mobilisation, (sub)urbanisation and state restructuring processes. Her various projects in Los Angeles, Montreal, Toronto, Paris, Brussels, Mexico City, and Hanoi interrogate this relationship from the angle of feelings of insecurity and the experience of mobility and displacement. Working with migrants, domestic workers, motobikers, street vendors, and youth, she explores how the city and the suburb influence the formation of political subjectivities. She is co-Editor of the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research (IJURR) and has published numerous scientific articles. Her most recent book is entitled Changing Toronto: Governing urban neoliberalism (Univesity of Toronto Press, 2009), co-authored with Roger Keil and Douglas Young.

Research Interests: Mobility; Political Action; Insecurity; (Sub)Urbanity.

Selected Publications:

Boudreau, J.A., Hamel, P., Keil, R. & Kipfer, S. (eds.)(2017) Governing Cities Through Regions: Canadian and European Perspectives. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press.

Gilbert, L.,  Boudreau, J.A. &  Labbé, D. (2016). Uneven state formalization on peri-urban housing production in Hanoi and Mexico City: Comparative reflections from the global South. Environment and Planning A. 48(12): 2382-2401.

Labbé, D. and J.A. Boudreau (2011) Understanding the causes of urban fragmentation in Hanoi. The case of New Urban Zones. International Development and Planning Review.

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