Sigrun Kabisch

Title/Position: Department Head
Department/Faculty/Institution: Department of Urban and Environmental Sociology, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research

MCRI Projects: A2: Governance.

Background: Sigrun Kabisch has studied large housing estates for the past thirty years and is currently conducting a research project on “Polish and German large housing estates, yesterday, today, and tomorrow”. Kabisch is the Head of the Department of Urban and Environmental Sociology at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research in Leipzig, Germany, and is a Speaker of the research theme “Sustainable Urban Development and Quality of Life” and the cluster “Impact of Urban Dynamics on Land Use Options”.

Research Interests: Parallel growth and shrinkage of cities and associated consequences.

Selected Publications:

Haase, A., Steinführer, A., Kabisch, S., Großmann, K. & Hall, R. (eds.)(2010). Residential change and demographic challenge. The inner city of East Central Europe in the 21st century. Aldershot, Burlington: Ashgate.

Steinführer, A., Bierzynski, A., Grossmann, K., Haase, A., Klusacek, P. & Kabisch, S. (2010). Population decline in Polish and Czech cities during post-socialism? Looking behind the official statistics. Urban Studies. 47 (11): 2325-2346.

Bouzarovski, S., Haase, A., Hall, R., Kabisch, S., Steinfuehrer, A., & Ogden, P. E. (2010). Household structure, migration trends and residential preferences in inner-city Leon, Spain: unpacking the demographies of reurbanization. Urban Geography. 31, 211-235.

Haase, A., Maas, A., Steinführer, A. & Kabisch, S. (2009). From long-term decline to new diversity: Socio-demographic change in Polish and Czech inner cities. Journal of Urban Regeneration and Renewal. 3 (1): 31-45.

Haase, A. , Kabisch, S. , Steinführer, A. , Bouzarovski, S. , Hall, R. and Ogden, P. (2010). Emergent spaces of reurbanisation: Exploring the demographic dimension of inner‐city residential change in a European setting. Population, Space and Place. 16: 443-463.

Heinrichs, D., Kabisch S. (2010). Urban socio-spatial segregation in Latin America: Contrasting perspectives and empirical evidence. In A. Abdel-Hadi, M. Tolba, S. Soliman (eds): Environment, Health and Sustainable Development. Hogrefe & Huber, pp. 41-152