Richard Grant

Title/Position: Professor and Director, Urban Studies
Department/Faculty/Institution: Department of Geography and Regional Studies, University of Miami
Degree(s)/School(s): PhD (Economic Geography, University of Colorado at Boulder)
MCRI Projects: A3: Land; B3: Land and Housing Markets

Background: Richard Grant is a human geographer with specializations in economic and urban geography. His research interests include globalization, globalizing cities, the work and economy of slums, and international and regional trade patterns. His current regional interests are in West Africa, South Africa, and Europe. His books include Globalization and the Margins and The Global Crisis in Foreign Aid. His research articles have appeared in, among other journals, The Annals of the Association of American Geographers, Political Geography, Urban Geography, Environment and Planning A, and Economic Geography.

Research Interests: Urbanization; Globalization; Marginalization; Suburbanization.

Select Publications:

Grant, R. & Oteng-Ababio, M. (2012). Mapping the Invisible and Real "African" Economy: Urban E-Waste Circuitry. Urban Geography.

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