Per Gunnar Røe

Title/Position: Professor
Department of Sociology and Human Geography and Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo
Cand.Mag. (Geography) University of Oslo; Cand.Agric. (Regional Planning) University of Life Sciences; Dr.Polit. (Human Geography) Norwegian University of Science and Technology

MCRI Projects: C3: Europe Research Cluster

Background: Per Gunnar Røe has been a Professor at the Department of Sociology and Human Geography, University of Oslo, since 2004; prior to that, he was a Researcher at the Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research from 1992 to 2004. His key qualifications are urban studies, urban planning and place-making; suburbs and suburbanisation; relationships between mobility (spatial and digital) and urbanism; social representations of place; relationships between actors in urban development and “city building”; methodologies for the analysis of places and place development; planning theories, models and processes.  He has several publications and papers within these fields.

Research Interests: Urban Studies and Urban Planning; Suburbs and Suburbanization; Social Representations and Histories of Place.

Selected Publications:

Røe, P.G. (2017). Ideology, Planning and Meaning In Suburbia: Investigating the Case of Row House Areas, In N.A. Phelps (ed.) Old Europe, New Suburbanization? Governance, Land and Infrastructure in European Suburbanization. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, pp. 85-109.

Røe, P.G. (2015). The Construction of a Suburb: Ideology, Architecture and Everyday Culture in Skjettenbyen. Built Environment. Vol. 41, N0. 4, 538-549

Røe, P. G. (2014). Analyzing Place and Place-making: Urbanization in Suburban Oslo. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research. 38 (2): 498-515.

Røe, P.G. & Vestby, G.M. (2013). Sosiokulturelle stedsanalyser: teorigrunnlag og metodologi In A. Førde, B. Kramvig, B. Engan Dale & N. Gunnerud Berg (eds.), Å finne sted. Metodologiske perspektiver i stedsanalyser. Akademika forlag, pp. 43-61.

Klausen, J.E. & Røe, P.G. (2012). Governance and change on the urban fringe - special issue of Urban Research & Practice. Urban Research and Practice. 5 (1): 1-5.

Luccarelli, M & Røe, P. G. (eds.)(2012). Green Oslo: Visions, Planning and Discourse. Ashgate.

Røe, P.G. (2012). Green suburbanisms: Differentiating the greenness of suburbs. In M. Luccarelli & P. G. Røe (eds.) Green Oslo: Visions, Planning and Discourse. Ashgate, pp. 159-176.

Røe, P.G. & Luccarelli, Mark. (2012). Introduction: Nature, Urbanism and Liveability. In M. Luccarelli & P. G. Røe (eds.) Green Oslo: Visions, Planning and Discourse. Ashgate, pp. 1-24.

Røe, P.G. & Saglie, I.L. (2011). Minicities in suburbia - A model for urban sustainability? FORMakademisk. 4 (2): 38-58.