Roger Keil

Title/Position: Professor and former director, the CITY Institute at York University
Department/Faculty/Institution: Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University
Staatsexamen Dr.Phil. (Political Science) Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität

MCRI Projects: Principal Investigator; A2: Governance; A4: Infrastructure; B4: Boundaries (Co-Team Lead); B5: Regional Governance and Suburbanization; C2: North America Research Cluster; MCRI Steering Committee.

Background: Roger Keil is York Research Chair in Global Sub/Urban Studies, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University in Toronto. He researches global suburbanization, urban political ecology and regional governance and is the Principal Investigator of the Major Collaborative Research Initiative on Global Suburbanisms (2010-19). Keil is the author of Suburban Planet (Polity 2017) and editor of Suburban Constellations (Jovis 2013). Keil is the editor of the Global Suburbanisms book series with UTP and the co-editor of Suburban Governance: A Global View (with Pierre Hamel) and Massive Suburbanization (with K. Murat Güney and Murat Üçoğlu) in that series. A co-founder of the International Network for Urban Research and Action (INURA), he was the inaugural director of the CITY Institute at York University and former co-editor of the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research.

Research Interests: Global Suburbanism; Urban Governance; Global Cities; Infectious Disease and Cities; Urban Infrastructures; Urban Political Ecology.

Selected Publications:

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