Jochen Monstadt

Title/Position: Full Professor; Chair of Governance of Urban Transitions
Department/Faculty/Institution: Department of Human Geography & Spatial Planning, Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University
Ph.D. in Environmental Planning, Berlin University of Technology

MCRI Projects: A4: Infrastructure; B6: Water

Background: Jochen Monstadt is the Chair of Governance of Urban Transitions in the Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning at Utrecht University. Between 2007 and 2009, he was a visiting scholar at the City Institute at York University (CITY), where he completed a comparative study of energy and water management in Toronto, Los Angeles and Berlin. At Utrecht University he is leading the university-wide research hub on “Transforming Infrastructures for Sustainable Cities”. At the same time, he is one of the two directors of a larger research initiative on “Critical Infrastructures” at the Darmstadt University of Technology .

Research Interests: Jochen's research and teaching interests revolve around the contingent and place-based transformation patterns of cities and how these are mediated by technical infrastructures (energy, water, wastewater, solid waste, transportation, and ICTs). His specific interest is how the socio-technical design and governance of those critical systems shape the sustainability of cities in the global North and South.

Selected Publications:

Monstadt, J. & Coutard, O. (2019). Cities in an era of interfacing infrastructures: Politics and spatialities of the urban nexus. Editorial to the special issue in Urban Studies 56(11).

Monstadt, J. & Schmidt, M. (2019) Urban resilience in the making? The governance of critical infrastructures in German cities. Urban Studies. 56(11).

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Guma, P.K., Monstadt, J. & Schramm, S. (2019). Hybrid constellations of water access in the digital age: The case of Jisomee Mita in Soweto-Kayole, Nairobi. Water Alternatives. 12(2): 725-743.

de Bercegol, R. & Monstadt, J. (2018). The Kenya Slum Electrification Program. Local politics of electricity networks in Kibera. Energy Research & Social Science. 41: 249-258.

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