Lisa Drummond

Title/Position: Associate Professor of Urban Studies
Department/Faculty/Institution: Department of Social Science, York University
Degree(s)/School(s): PhD (Human Geography, Australia National University); Master's (Urban Geography, University of British Columbia)

MCRI Projects: A4: Infrastructure; B7: Transportation; B8: Everyday Suburbanisms (Team Lead)

Background: Lisa Drummond's research focuses primarily on urban social life in Vietnam, including analyses of popular culture, specifically in television serials and women's magazines, women's roles in Vietnamese society, and the application of western concepts such as public and private to the use of space in Vietnamese cities.

Her publications include several co-edited books, most recently The Reinvention of Distinction: Modernity and the Modern Class in Urban Vietnam with Van Nguyen-Marshall and Danièle Bélanger, as well as Consuming Urban Culture in Contemporary Vietnam, with Mandy Thomas, and Gender Practices in Contemporary Vietnam, with Helle Rydstrøm. Professor Drummond is currently writing a book about public space in Hanoi from the French colonial period to the present, and preparing a co-edited (with Helle Rydstrøm) volume on fieldwork in Vietnam in the early 1990s.

Research Interests: Urban Geography; Geography of Urban Southeast Asia; Vietnam; Public Space; Gender; Everyday Life; Colonial and Postcolonial Cities.

Select Publications:

Drummond, L.B.W. & Thi Lien, N. (2008). Uses and Understandings of Public Space Among Young People in Hanoi, Vietnam.  In A. Daniere & M. Douglass (eds.) The Politics of Civic Space in Asia: Building Urban Communities.  London: Routledge.

Drummond, L.B.W. (2007). The Southeast Asia City Revisited.  Asia-Pacific Viewpoints. 48 (2): 253-254.

Bunnell, T., Drummond, L.B.W. & Ho Kong C. (eds.) (2002). Critical Reflections on Cities in Southeast Asia. Singapore: Brill, Times Academic Press.

Drummond, L.B.W. & Rydstrom, H. (eds.) (2004). Gender Practices in Contemporary Vietnam. Singapore: Singapore University Press.

Drummond, L.B.W. & Thomas, M. (eds.) (2003) Consuming Urban Culture in Contemporary Vietnam.  London: Routledge/Curzon.