Ute Lehrer

Title/Position: Professor
Department/Faculty/Institution: Faculty of Environmental Studies
Degree(s)/School(s): lic. phil. (History of Art and Architecture, Sociology, Economic and Social History) Zurich, PhD (Urban Planning) UCLA
E-mail: lehrer@yorku.ca

MCRI Projects: A1: Benchmarking; A3: Land; B1: New Suburban Forms (Team Lead); B7: Transportation; C3: Europe Research Cluster; MCRI Steering Committee.

Background: Ute Lehrer is an Applicant for the MCRI on ‘Global Suburbanisms’ and holds a PhD in Urban Planning from UCLA. She taught at SUNY Buffalo and Brock University before joining York, where she serves as a Professor in the Faculty of Environmental Studies. She has been involved in comparative urban research on Zurich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Los Angeles and Toronto, investigating new urban forms, processes of spectacularization and megaprojects. She has recently completed a SSHRC-funded project on “Urban Images, Public Space and the Growth of Private Interest in Toronto” in which she studied the development of private residential real estate development in form of condominium towers in Toronto. She was involved in an in-depth comparative study of the financial centres of Frankfurt and Zurich in the 1990s, the first such comparative study on two global cities in continental Europe (Hitz et al. 1995).

Research Interests: Cities and Globalization; Economic Restructuring and Urban Form; Political Economy of the Built Environment; Theory and History of Planning, Urban Design and Architecture; Built Environment, Ethnicity and Immigration to Urban Area.

Selected Publications:

Lehrer, U. & Pantalone, P. (2018). The Sky is Not the Limit: Negotiating Height and Density in Toronto’s Condominium Boom. In A.E.G Jonas, B. Miller, K. Ward & D. Wilson (eds.) Spaces of Urban Politics. New York: Routledge.

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