Thematic Area Research

The MCRI on Global Suburbanisms worked thematically through 8 separate but intellectually connected empirical research areas. All of these research areas had an international or global outlook, and they were comparative in nature. Through these concrete, thematic projects, which were staggered across the seven years of the MCRI, researchers drilled down to the material dynamics of suburbanization processes and ways of suburban life around the world. They ranged from urban form to urban ecology, from politics to mobility. They employed a variety of methodologies such as quantitative, historical,  ethnographic and case studies. It is in the thematic research projects where we work most closely with our partners in government, the private sector and communities. The areas and their team leads included New Suburban Forms (Ute Lehrer); Suburban Redevelopment and Tower Renewal (Douglas Young); Land and Housing Markets (Richard Harris); Boundaries (Roger Keil and Rob Shields); Regional Governance and Suburbanization (Pierre Hamel and Roger Keil); Water and Sewage (Shubhra Gururani); Transportation (Pierre Filion); and Everyday Suburbanisms (Lisa Drummond).

B1: New Suburban Forms | B2: Suburban Redevelopment and Tower Renewal | B3: Land and Housing Markets | B4: Boundaries |B5: Regional Governance and Suburbanization |B6: Water | B7: Transportation | B8: Everyday Suburbanisms