Roger Keil

Title/Position: Professor and former director, the CITY Institute at York University
Department/Faculty/Institution: Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University
Staatsexamen Dr.Phil. (Political Science) Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität

MCRI Projects: Principal Investigator; A2: Governance; A4: Infrastructure; B4: Boundaries (Co-Team Lead); B5: Regional Governance and Suburbanization; C2: North America Research Cluster; MCRI Steering Committee.

Background: Roger Keil researches global suburbanism, urban political ecology, cities and infectious disease, and regional governance. Among his recent publications are the forthcoming Suburban Governance: A Global View (ed. with Pierre Hamel; UTP 2015), Suburban Constellations (Jovis, 2013) The Global Cities Reader (ed. with Neil Brenner; Routledge, 2006); Networked Disease: Emerging Infections and the Global City (ed. with S.Harris Ali; Wiley-Blackwell, 2008); Changing Toronto: Governing the Neoliberal City (with Julie-Anne Boudreau and Douglas Young; UTP 2009); Leviathan Undone? The Political Economy of Scale (ed. with Rianne Mahon, UBC Press 2009), and In-Between Infrastructure (ed. with Patricia Burke Wood and Douglas Young; Praxis(e)Press 2011). Keil is a co-founder of the International Network for Urban Research and Action (INURA) and previous director of the CITY Institute. He is the Principal Investigator of the MCRI project on Global Suburbanisms at CITY (2010-17).

Research Interests: Global Suburbanism; Urban Governance; Global Cities; Infectious Disease and Cities; Urban Infrastructures; Urban Political Ecology.

Selected Publications:

Keil, R., & Hertel, S. (Forthcoming). Fixing postsuburbia: Recalibrating the way think, speak and act upon Toronto’s periphery. In Anacker, K and Maginn, P. (eds.) From Dreamscape to Nightmare? The Life, Death and Resurrection of Suburbia in the 20th and 21st Century.

Keil, R. (2017). Suburban Planet: Making the World Urban from the Outside In. Cambridge: Polity.

Hamel, P., & Keil, R. (2017). Suburban World: Comparing the governance of globalizing regions from the outside in. Environment and Planning C. (Forthcoming)

Keil, R., & Macdonald, S. (2016). Rethinking urban political ecology from the outside in: Greenbelts and boundaries in the post-suburban city. Local Environment. doi: 10.1080/13549839.2016.1145642

Hertel, S., & Keil, R. (2016). “Erst reden, dann handeln”– Die Greater Toronto Suburban Working Group und der Um/bau der städtischen Peripherie in Kanadas diverser Metropole. In Jessen, J., & Roost, F. (Eds.), Refitting Suburbia (pp. 95-112). Berlin: Jovis.

Charmes, E., & Keil, R. (2015). Post-suburban morphologies in Canada and France: Beyond the anti-sprawl debate. IJURR D&D 39, 3: 581-602.

Suburban Governance: A Global View (ed. with Pierre Hamel, UTP: 2015)

Suburban Constellations (Jovis, 2013)

In-Between Infrastructure: Urban Connectivity in an Age of Vulnerability (ed.
with Douglas Young and Patricia Burke Wood), Praxis(e) Press, 2011

Changing Toronto: Governing Urban Neoliberalism (with J.A. Boudreau and D.
Young, UTP: 2009)

Leviathan Undone? Towards a Political Economy of Scale (ed. with Rianne Mahon,
UBC Press: 2009)

Networked Disease: Emerging Infections in the Global City (ed. with S.H.Ali,
Wiley-Blackwell 2008)

The Global Cities Reader (ed. with N. Brenner, Routledge 2006).


2014-15 ENVS 3222 Urban and Regional Infrastructures (Waterloo)
2013 (SS) ENVS 3222 Urban and Regional Infrastructures (Vancouver)
2012 (SS) ENVS 3222 Urban and Regional Infrastructures (Montreal)
2011(Fall) ENVS 3222 Urban and Regional Infrastructures (Winnipeg)
2010(Fall) ENVS 3222 Urban and Regional Infrastructures (Toronto)