Douglas Young

doug youngTitle/Position: Associate Professor, Program Coordinator, Urban Studies Program
Department of Social Science, York University
B. Arch (University of Toronto); DiplPlanDist (AA); PhD (York)

MCRI Projects: B2: Suburban Redevelopment and Tower Renewal; B8: Everyday Suburbanisms; MCRI Steering Committee.

Background: Doug Young’s research is in two broad areas: The first is processes of decline and renewal in post-war suburban districts. He is exploring the discursive, material and policy dimensions of those processes as well as the intersecting roles of state, market and civil society actors. The second area of research is a consideration of how we live in the 21st century with the legacies of 20th century urbanisms, more specifically socialist and modernist urbanisms. This research is a comparative study of iconic spaces in Hanoi, Berlin and Stockholm.

Research Interests: Processes of Suburban Decline and Renewal; Legacies of Socialist and Modernist Urbanism; Toronto, Berlin, Hanoi, Stockholm.

Selected Publications:

Young, D. (2019). Decline and Renewal in Toronto’s Highrise Suburbs: The Tragedy of Progressive Neoliberalism. In K.M. Güney, R. Keil & M. Üçoğlu (eds.) Massive Suburbanization: (Re)Building the Global Periphery One Large-Scale Housing Project at a Time. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Young, D. (2017). Redefining “Renewal” in Toronto’s Highrise Suburbs. Alternative Routes. 28: 219-232.

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Keil, R. & Young, D. (2014). In-between Mobility in Toronto’s New (sub)urban Neighbourhood. In P. Smets & P. Watts (eds.) Neighbourhood Belonging and Mobilities in the City and the Suburb. Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan.

Young, D. (2013). Suburban Redevelopment: Decline and Renewal in Toronto’s In-between City. In R. Keil (ed.) Suburban Constelations: Governance, land and infrastructure in the 21st century. Berlin: Jovis. pp 63-70.

Young, D., Wood, P.B. & Keil, R. (eds.) (2014). In-between Infrastructure: Urban Connectivity in an Age of Vulnerability. Kelowna, B.C.: Praxis (e) Press.

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