Sara Macdonald

Title/Position: PhD Student
Department of Human Geography & Spatial Planning, Utrecht University
Master’s in Environmental Studies and Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies, York University

MCRI Involvement: B4: Boundaries.

Background: Sara Macdonald is currently working on her PhD at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Her research explores the governance of greenbelts from an institutional perspective in Southern Ontario (Canada) and Frankfurt Rhine-Main region (Germany). She is the former Coordinator of the City Institute and the previous Project Coordinator of the MCRI "Global Suburbanisms" research project. She has been a visiting scholar at Aberystwyth University, Wales and at Technische Universität Darmstadt.

Research Interests: Urban and Regional Planning; Suburban Growth and Development; Greenbelts.

Selected Publications:

Macdonald, S. & Lynch, L. (2019). "Greenfrastructure": The Greater Golden Horseshoe Greenbelt as Urban Boundary? In P. Filion & N. Pulver (eds.) Critical Perspectives on Suburban Infrastructures: Contemporary International Cases. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Keil, R. & Macdonald, S. (2016). Rethinking urban political ecology from the outside in: Greenbelts and boundaries in the post-suburban city. Local Environment. doi: 10.1080/13549839.2016.1145642

Macdonald, S. & Keil, R. (2012). The Ontario Greenbelt: Shifting the Scales of the Sustainability Fix? The Professional Geographer. 64 (2). 1-21.