Pierre Filion

Title/Position:  Professor
School of Planning, University of Waterloo
BA & MA Political Science, Université Laval, PhD Urban Studies, University of Kent

MCRI Projects: A1: Universal Benchmarking; A4: Infrastructure; B5: Regional Governance and Suburbanization; B7: Transportation (Team Lead); C2: North America Research Cluster.

Background: Pierre Filion's recent research work focuses on the obstacles to a smart growth inspired transformation of cities, as well as metropolitan scale planning models put forth in the plans of large North American metropolitan regions. More generally, his research projects have dealt with the relationship between transportation and land use, and with the impact of societal change on cities with a particular focus on values, the economy and institutions. More specific areas of research include downtowns, the changing structure of metropolitan regions and suburban centres.

Research Interests: The political economy of the city; Core area revitalization; Neighbourhood Planning; Metropolitan Region Planning; Transportation-land use relationship; The urban structure of suburban areas.

Selected Publications:

2010 P. Filion and C. Sanderson. “When Inter-organizational Dynamics Take Over: Agency Competition and Urban Planning Outcomes” (in press Planning Theory and Practice 12 [1]).

2010 G. Searle and P. Filion. “Planning Context and Urban Intensification Outcomes: Sydney versus Toronto”, (published online in Urban Studies November 12, 2010, the journal version is forthcoming).

2010 Y. Kumagai, R.B. Gibson and P. Filion. “Translating Resilience into the Urban Context”, Critical Planning 17: 66-87.

2010 P. Filion. “Urban Change on the Horizon? Smart Growth in a Recessionary Context”, Plan Canada 50 (1): 38-41.

2010 P. Filion, T. Bunting, D. Pavlic and P. Langlois. “Intensification and Sprawl: Residential Density Trajectories in Canada’s Largest Metropolitan Regions”, Urban Geography 31: 541-569.

2010 P. Filion. “Growth and Decline in the Canadian Urban System: The Impact of Emerging Economic, Policy and Demographic Trends”, GeoJournal 75: 517-538.

2010 P. Filion. “Reorienting Urban Development? Structural Obstruction to New Urban Forms”, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 34: 1-19.

2009 P. Filion and K. Hammond. “When Planning Fails: Unsuccessful Attempts at Revitalizing the Downtowns of Mid-size Urban Areas”, Canadian Journal of Urban Studies 17 (2): 1-27.                      

2009 G. Sands and P. Filion. “Les conséquences de la crise des subprime à Detroit”,  Études foncières 139 : 41-46.                 

2009 P. Filion. “The Mixed Success of Nodes as a Smart Growth Planning Policy”, Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 36: 505-521.           

2007 T. Bunting, P. Filion, H. Hoernig, J. Lederer and M. Seasons. “Density, Size, Dispersion: Towards Understanding the Structural Dynamics of Mid-size Cities”, Canadian Journal of Urban Research 16: 27-52.

2007 P. Filion, R. Shipley and Z. Te. “Works Planners Read: Findings from a Canadian Survey”, Canadian Journal of Urban Research 16: 59-91.            

2007 P. Filion and K. McSpurren. “Smart Growth and Development Reality: The Difficult Coordination of Land Use and Transportation Objectives”, Urban Studies 44: 501-523.

2006 P. Filion, K. McSpurren and B. Appleby. “Wasted Density? The Impact of Toronto’s Residential Density Distribution Policies on Transit Use and Walking”, Environment and Planning A 38, 1367-1392.