NRU writes about The Elusive Search for Good Density

The Feb. 12 GTA edition of Novae Res Urbis covers the panel, presented with the Canadian Urban Institute, in which members of the Greater Toronto Suburban Working Group -- including Roger Keil, Sean Hertel, Ian Chodikoff, Antonio Gomez-Palacio, Sonny Rai, Glenn Miller and Jane Wedlock -- discussed the need to rethink density and our suburbs.

Sara Ratchford writes:

We speak about “density” and “the suburbs” as though everyone has a uniform definition of what those words mean.
But that’s not the case, and, according to Roger Keil, those assumptions lead to fruitless debate and inhibit meaningful
conversations on what constitutes good density.
The York University professor says there are a number of components missing from the GTA which are causing the
regions to miss the mark on good density...Many planners and urbanists, he says, tend to condemn the suburbs and propose they need to become denser urban spaces. To move beyond that and define good density, he advocates the need to debunk the assumption that the suburbs are not complex, that they don’t change, and that they—and their residents—are passive.