Azam Khatam

Title/Position: Research Assistant at the City Institute York University
Degree(s)/School(s): York University Dr. Phil. (Environmental Studies), MA Tehran University (Sociology)

Background: Azam Khatam researches production of space and modernization, urban and regional governance, housing and equity planning in the global south and gender and public space in the Middle East. Her recent publications are the forthcoming A critical view on Planetary Urbanization in, of and from the Middle East (co-authored with Oded Haas; Environment and Planning D: Society and Space). Decentralization and Ambiguities of Local Politics in Tehran (co-authored with Arang Keshavarzian), The Space Reloaded: Publics and Politics in Tehran (in Urbanism and the Arab Uprisings, UR Terreform 2016) and La rénovation urbaine en Iran. En Le Téhéran des quartiers popularizes (Karthala 2013).

Research Interests: Modernization and cities, developmentalism and local governance, housing and suburbanism, gender and space, oil and urbanism in the Middle East

Selected Publications:
A critical view on Planetary Urbanization in, of and from the Middle East (co-authored with Oded Haas). Environment and Planning D: Society and Space (under review).

The destruction of Bam and its reconstruction following the earthquake of December 2003. Cities 2006 (23): 462-464.

Réforme et société civile: Exemple des conseils municipaux. Esprit 2003 (7): 156-158.

The space reloaded: Enqelab Street Tehran, in Deen Sharp and Claire Panetta (eds.) Beyond the Square. New York: UR Terreform, 2016.

La rénovation urbaine en Iran: De I’interventionnisme d’Etat au mercantilisme, Mina Saeidi-Sharouz (ed.) Le Téhéran des quartiers popularizes, transformation urbaine et société civile en République Islamique. Paris: Karthala, 2013.

Struggles over defining the moral city: Islam and urban public life in Iran, in Linda Herrera and Asef Bayat (eds.) The Making of Muslim Youths: New Cultural Politics in the Global South and North. New York: Oxford University Press, 2010.