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Next Stop: Equity – Routes to Fairer Transit Access in the Grater Toronto and Hamilton Area is a landmark report released by CITY in February 2016, urging a call to action for transit equity, as the Province of Ontario continues to roll out a $50-billion investment in 1,200 km rapid transit across the GTHA. The report is a response to widening gaps between affordable housing and employment opportunities that have converged, in combination structural decades-long social inequities that have persisted and worsened in the urban periphery, to make transit service disparities especially severe in suburban areas. Overall, the historic lack of transit investment means many living in the “inner ring” or “905” suburbs of Toronto must either have access to a car or find a home somewhere else.

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GTSWG coordinators Sean Hertel and Roger Keil, in collaboration with MES student Michael Collens, have just released a report on transit equity and justice in Toronto (March 2015). This report, based on research funded by Ontario’'s regional transportation agency Metrolinx, that can be downloaded in its entirety below, provides a survey of existing research and practice on transit equity and justice. Using insights and examples from around the world, the report notes the importance of making equity concerns a priority in transit planning. It is meant to inspire debate on transit equity in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area more generally, and will be the basis of an expert workshop on the topic hosted by the GTSWG on Tuesday March 31, 2015, in Toronto. For more information, please contact Sean Hertel ( or Roger Keil (

Click here to read a copy of Switching Tracks - Towards Transit Equity in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

“Making them talk, then act, together!

The Greater Toronto Suburban Working Group (GTSWG) was established in 2010 with the aim of furthering collaboration within and across government and non-government actors within the planning and development arena of the Greater Golden Horseshoe region of Toronto.

The GTSWG, co-ordinated by Sean Hertel and Roger Keil, has served as a forum for the exchange of information and ideas regarding present-day and future prospects for development and governance policies and processes shaping the growth of suburbs across the Greater Golden Horseshoe. More specifically, this forum discussed shared issues, working towards inspiring new modes of governance within the region. While one aim of the group was simply to bring people together to talk, the larger objective is to apply wider perspectives and new knowledges to the processes through which the suburbs are shaped, lived and worked in, and perceived.

The Roundtable Report

As part of the Suburban Revolution Conference, the GTSWG released an interim roundtable report in September as a "manifesto-style statement that is geared towards stimulating wider public interest and contributing to future debates in, and about, the region." You can read the complete report here.

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