Caroline Andrew

Title/Position:  Director, Centre on Governance
Department/Faculty/Institution: Faculty of Social Science, University of Ottawa
Degree(s)/School(s):  BA (UBC), Maîtrise (Laval), PhD (Toronto)
MCRI Projects: B8: Everyday Suburbanisms; C2: North America Research Cluster

Background: Caroline Andrew's research interests lie in understanding the relationships between community-based equity seeking groups and municipal governments. Over the past 30 years she has focused on issues of class (urban development and centre city displacement in Hull and Gatineau), gender (women’s community-based groups and municipal politics, women’s urban safety ) and race (immigration policies at the municipal level, creating welcoming communities).

Research Interests: Feminist organizing at the local level in neo-liberal times;  Analysis of the Local Immigration partnerships (LIPs); Global and local strategies for creating safe and inclusive cities for women and girls; Francophone Immigration in Ontario; Economic Development and Social Inclusion in Ottawa

Selected Publications:

David Doloreux and Caroline Andrew (in press) ‘Economic Development, Social Inclusion and Urban Governance: The Case of the City-Region of Ottawa in Canada’, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research

 Caroline Andrew(2010)’Récit d’une recherche-action : la participation et le passage de frontières de femmes immigrantes à la Ville d’Ottawa’ Sociologie et Sociétés, XLII-1,p.227-243.

Caroline Andrew (2008) “La Ville d’Ottawa et l’immigration francophone” Thèmes canadiens, Printemps 2008, pp.65-68.

Sandeep Agrawal, Caroline Andrew and John Biles, (2009)‘Welcoming Communities: Planning for Diverse Populations’, Plan Canada (Special Edition).

Caroline Andrew, John Biles, Myer Siemiatycki and Erin Tolley (2008) Electing a Diverse Canada: The Representation of Immigrants, Minorities and Women. Vancouver: UBC Press.

Caroline Andrew (2010), ‘Federalism and Feminism: The Canadian Challenge for Women’s Urban Safety’, in Melissa Haussman, Marian Sawer and Jill Vickers (eds) Federalism, Feminism and Multilevel Governance, Ashgate, pp. 83-96.

Caroline Andrew (2008), « Women in cities : new spaces for the women’s Movement?”, in Sandra Grey and Marian Sawer, (eds) Women’s Movements: Flourishing or in Abeyance? Routledge, pp. 116-127.

Caroline Andrew (2008), “Gendering Nation-States and/or Gendering City-States: Debates about the Nature of Citizenship”, in Yasmeen Abu-Laban (ed), Gendering the Nation State: Canadian and Comparative Perspectives , UBC Press, pp.239-251.

Caroline Andrew (2006), ‘Evaluating municipal reform in Ottawa-Gatineau: Building for amore metropolitan future?’, in E. Razin and P. Smith, Metropolitan Governing, Jerusalem: Hebrew University Magnes Press,pp75-94.

Caroline Andrew (2007), ‘Trying to be World-Class: Ottawa and the Presentation of self’, in T. Gibson and M. Lowes, Urban Communication, Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield,pp. 127-140.