David Wilson

Title/Position:  Professor,
Geography, Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory, University Of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ph.D., Rutgers University 

MCRI Projects: B2: Suburban Redevelopment and Tower Renewal; C2: North America Research Cluster.

Background: David Wilson is interested in contemporary redevelopment of urban and suburban places in North America and the global west. He seeks to apply innovative social and political theory to understanding the interplay of redevelopment governances with grounded populations, institutions, and political settings.

Research Interests: redevelopment governances, neoliberal growth and redevelopment dynamics, the racializing of urban and suburban issues.

Selected Publications:

Wilson, David, 2010. “Performative Neoliberal-Parasitic Economies and the Making of Political Realities: the Chicago Case,”  International Journal of Urban and Regional  Research, in press.

Wilson, D., and C. Sternberg, 2010. “The New Neoliberal Growthocracy: Chicago,” Urban Geography, forthcoming. Special Issue: New Trends in Governing Western Cities.

Bauder, Harald, Wilson, David, et. al., 2010. “Contemporary Grant Dynamics: An Intervention, Acme: International Journal for Critical Geography, 9. 1, 102-112.

Keil, R. and D. Wilson, 2009. “Mr. O. Goes To Town: the First Urban American President? Canada Watch, October, 9-23.

Wilson, D., 2009. Racialized Poverty in United States Cities: Toward A Refined Racial Economy Perspective, Professional Geographer, 61, 2, 139-150. Special Issue: Racialized Poverty in U.S. Cities.

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