Jill Grant

Title/Position:  Professor
Department/Faculty/Institution: School of Planning, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Dalhousie University
Degree(s)/School(s):   PhD, MA (Waterloo), MA (McMaster), (BA (UWO
E-mail: jill.grant@dal.ca

MCRI Projects: B1: New Suburban Forms; C2: North America Research Cluster.

Background: Jill Grant’s research seeks to illuminate the relationship between theory and practice in planning. Her interests focus on the design and planning of residential environments with a special focus on trends such as new urbanism and gated communities. She participates in interdisciplinary research projects dealing with the social dynamics of economic performance (related to the application creative cities ideas in local economic development) and on the relationship between youth health and the built environment. Dr Grant has published over 50 academic articles and four books: The Drama of Democracy: Contention and dispute in community planning (1994, University of Toronto Press), Planning the Good Community: New urbanism in theory and practice (2006, Routledge), Towards Sustainable Cities: East Asian, North American and European perspectives on managing urban regions (2004, with A Sorensen and P Marcotullio, Ashgate), and A Reader in Canadian Planning: Linking theory and practice (2008, Thomson Nelson).

Research Interests: Canadian suburban development trends; planning theory and practice; history of planning.

Selected Publications:

Grant, J.L.. 2013. Suburbs in transition. Interface: The future of the suburbs. Planning Theory and Practice. 14(3): 391-392.

Gonzalez, T.  & Grant, J.L. 2013. Living with density: from “chicken coops” to livability. Municipal World. 123(11): 27-30.

2011. Cristiana Frittaion, Peter Duinker, and Jill L Grant. Suspending disbelief: influencing engagement in scenarios of forest futures. Technological Forecasting and Social Change 78 (3): 421-430 [DOI information: 10.1016/j.techfore.2010.08.008]

2011. Jill L Grant and Patricia M Manuel. Policy-maker perspectives on youth health and the built environment: focus groups with Atlantic Canada planners. Planning Practice and Research 26(1): 43-57

2011. Jill L Grant and Katherine Perrott. Where is the café? The challenge of making retail uses viable in mixed use suburban developments. Urban Studies 48(1): 177-195. (first published online June 7, 2010 as doi:10.1177/0042098009360232)

2010. Gillad Rosen and Jill L Grant. Reproducing difference: gated communities in Canada and Israel. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research   (first published online in July 2010 – DOI:10.111/j.1468-2427.2010.00981x  

2010. Cristiana Frittaion, Peter Duinker, Jill L Grant. Narratives of the future: suspending disbelief in forest-sector scenarios. Futures  42: 1156-1165.

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2008. Jill L Grant and Stephanie Bohdanow. New urbanism communities in Canada: a survey. Journal of Urbanism 1(2): 109-127


Conference Presentations:

Perrin, L. & rant, J.L. Planning theory and practice: Perspectives on the effects of mixing housing types on social interaction in the suburbs. AESOP/ACSP Conference. 2013. Dublin