Laam Hae

Title/Position:  Assistant Professor
Political Science, York University
):  Ph.D. (Geography, Syracuse University), MA and Bachelor (Geography, Seoul National University)

MCRI Projects: B4: Boundaries.

Background: Laam Hae broadly studies and teaches about urban political economy, cultural politics of various social groups, and urban social movements in North America and East Asia (with a particular focus on the South Korean cities). She has written about gentrification, post-industrialization and emerging popular struggles over urban expressive cultures in New York City, and city marketing strategies and privatization of urban space in South Korea. Currently, Hae is developing two new research projects: 1) policy transfer between Western/non-Western municipalities and roles that urban planners play in this transfer, and 2) popular struggles over Greenbelt and real estate developments with expanding suburbanization in South Korea.

Research Interests: Urban political economy, urban culture, urban social movements (with a focus in North America and East Asia).

Selected Publications:

Hae, L. 2012. The Gentrification of Nightlife and the Right to the City: Regulating Spaces of Social Dancing in New York City. Routledge.

Hae, L. 2011. "Dilemmas of the Nightlife Fix: Post-Industrialization and the Gentrification of Nightlife in New York City." Urban Studies. 48(16): 3444 - 3460.

Hae, L., 2011, "Gentrification and Politicization of Nightlife in New York City." Acme: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies, 10(3).

Hae, L. 2011. "Rights to Spaces for Social Dancing in New York City: A Question of Urban Rights." Urban Geography. 32(1): 129-142.

Hae, L., 2010, Privatization of Public Space, and Why We Should Rethink Introducing Montreal’s Underground City to Seoul. Sustainable City, November and December, Urban Action Network, Seoul, Korea (Written in Korean).

Hae, L. 2008. Who is Imagining Pan-East Asian Culture? Relay: A Socialist Project Review, 94: 40-43.

Hae, L. 2007. Dancing in New York City: The Cabaret Law, Alternative Cultures and Neoliberal Urbanism. in Morgan, B. (ed.), The Intersection of Rights and Regulation: New Directions in Sociolegal Scholarship. New York: Ashgate.

Hae, L. 2006. Arts in the Hands of Real Estate Development. Sustainable City, March-April, Urban Action Network, Seoul, Korea (Written in Korean)

Hahn, Y.J. and Hae, L. 2001. The 2002 World Cup and City Marketing. Journal of the Korean Regional Science Association, 17(1): 91-110.

Hae, L. (as Heyman). 1999. The critical retrospection on the Festival Marketing in Korea. "Sustainable City" No.3, Citizen’s Solidarity for a Sustainable City (Do-Shi-Yeon-Dae). Seoul, Korea (Written in Korean).