Cara Chellew

Title/Position: Research Administrator
 Faculty of Environmental Studies
 Master’s in Environmental Studies (Planning) and Bachelor's degree in Philosophy, York University

Background: Cara Chellew is a Research Administrator for the MCRI "Global Suburbanisms" research project at York University. Cara is a graduate from the Master of Environmental Studies program in urban planning at York University. Her research focuses on the design, regulation, and politics of public space. She is also interested in planning and development ethics.

Publications & Presentations:

Cara Chellew, Sean Hertel. eds. "Planning in the New Millenium: A look at planning across the generations."  Ontario Planning Journal. (March/ April 2017).

Cara Chellew. “Design Inequalities.” Spacing. (Fall 2016).

Cara Chellew. “Design Paranoia.” Ontario Planning Journal. (September/October 2016).

Cara Chellew. “Creating a Brutal Cityscape: Defensive architecture and the right to the city.” Historical Materialism Conference Toronto 2016. York University, Toronto (May 13-15, 2016).

Cara Chellew, Anthony Dionigi, Justin Fok, Priscilla Lan Chung Yang, Nelly Volpert, Cathy Zhao. "Shanghai Urbanism: Reflections from the Outside In.”  The City Institute Seminar Series. York University, Toronto (Oct 2, 2015).

Paul Bailey, Cara Chellew, Anthony Dionigi, Justin Fok, Victoria Ho, Priscilla Lan Chung Yang, Dilya Niezova, Nelly Volpert, Cathy Zhao. "Canadian and Chinese Urbanism in Comparison: Some Basic Ideas.”  International Forum on Global Suburbanisms. Fudan University, Shanghai, China (May 10, 2015).