Danielle Labbe

Title/Position: Postodoctoral Fellow
CITY Institute, York University
PhD (urban planning), University of British-Columbia; M. Sc. (urban design), Université Laval;  B. Arch (architecture), Université Laval

MCRI Projects: B8: Everyday Suburbanisms

Background: Danielle Labbe is a trained architect ­­­­­­who graduated from the School of architecture at Université Laval (Québec City). In 2001, she completed a B.Arch degree at Hanoi’s Superior School of Civil Engineering. Since then, she has remained involved in Vietnam as lecturer and researcher in architecture and urban planning. Her master’s thesis explored the role of international development agencies in the architectural and urban heritage preservation of Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Danielle’s PhD dissertation looked at ho­w ­a ­rural village in the suburbs of this same city has urbanized since throughout the 20th century. Besides her research activities, she has been involved in a number of architectural and urban design projects in Canada and abroad (England, China, Lebanon).

Research Interests: Periurbanization; Southeast Asia; State-society relations; Urban land and housing production.

Select Publications:

(2011) “Urban Destruction and Land Disputes in Periurban Hanoi during the Late-Socialist Period,” Pacific Affairs, 84(3), 435-453. Special issue on “Periurban Dynamics in China and Vietnam: Becoming Urban.”

(2011) with Julie-Anne Boudreau, “Understanding the Causes of Urban Fragmentation in Hanoi: The Case of New Urban Areas,” International Development Planning Review, 33(3): 273-91

(2011) with Julie-Anne Boudreau, “Les « nouvelles zones urbaines » à Hanoi : ruptures et  continuités avec la ville,” Les Cahiers de Géographie du Québec, 55 (154) : 131-149

(2011) A Short History of Urban and Regional Development in the Red River Delta. Montréal, Réseau Ville Régions Monde, Working paper: www.labovespa.ca/doc/Note4-Labbe-12avril.pdf

(2010) Facing the urban transition in Hanoi: Recent urban planning issues and initiatives. Montréal, Réseau Ville Régions Monde. Working paper:  http://www.ucs.inrs.ca/pdf/HanoiUrbanization.pdf

(2006) In collaboration, Urban resilience and the re-emergence of cultural patterns, In Comprendre l’habitat de Ha Noi: Une expérience interculturelle de partenariat universitaire, Casault, A et. al. (eds), Québec, Les Presses de l’Université Laval: 157-212.

(2002) In collaboration, Les transformations morphologiques du quartier Bui Thi Xuan à Hanoi : un ancrage pour orienter  son développement futur, In Hanoi : Enjeux modernes d’une ville millénaire. Charbonneau and Hau (eds). Montréal, Trames: 124-139.