Switching Tracks with Roger Keil and Sean Hertel

In this presentation Roger Keil and Sean Hertel talk about Toronto’s systemic segregation, the difference between equality and equity, transit equity, the Metrolinx $50 billion dollar plan to counteract structural inequities, as well as tools and methods to bring about equity. Watch the video here:

How transit hubs can spur dense development

Roger Keil provides insight into transit hubs in the Globe and Mail article, "How transit hubs can spur dense development." “We need to build out these hubs as more than just classical bedroom communities, with some bike paths and a yoga studio attached. That’s not going to cut it,” says Roger Keil, York University research […]

MCRI researcher in the media

MCRI researcher Roger Keil has been quoted in two recent articles on the suburbs: Ahmed-Ullah, Noreen. (June 3, 2016). "How Brampton, a town in suburban Ontario, was dubbed a ghetto." The Globe and Mail. To view article click here. “It’s an interesting case because you have this clustering and clumping of particular people through market […]

MCRI Researchers Publish Foundational Papers on Governance, Land and Infrastructure

GOVERNANCE Michael Ekers, Pierre Hamel & Roger Keil (2012). "Governing Suburbia: Modalities and Mechanisms of Suburban Governance." Regional Studies. 46:3, 405-422. Abstract: This paper traces the major modalities of suburban governance through a review of the extant literature on the matter. Based on the existing debate on suburban governance it appears that three modalities […]

New Publications by MCRI Researchers

Moos, M., Mendez, P., McGuire, L., Wyly, E., Kramer, A., Walter-Joseph, R., Williamson, M. (2015) "More Continuity than Change? Re-evaluating the Contemporary Socio-economic and Housing Characteristics of Suburbs." Canadian Journal of Urban Research. Vol. 24, No. 2 Abstract: Suburbs that developed in metropolitan Canada post-World War II have historically been depicted as homogeneous landscapes […]

Call for Papers: Revisiting suburbia/ Revisiter les espaces périurbaines

February 17-19, 2017, Grainau, Germany 38th Annual Conference of the Association for Canadian Studies in German-speaking Countries Canada, over the last several decades, has become not only a highly urbanized country but, in fact, “an overwhelmingly suburban nation” (Bourne 1991: 25, emphasis added). There is little doubt that Canada’s urban experience in the early part […]

New Publications by MCRI Researchers

Per Gunnar Roe. (2015). "The Construction of a Suburb: Ideology, Architecture and Everyday Culture in Skjettenbyen." Built Environment. Vol. 41, N0. 4, 538-549 Abstract: Countering both sprawling suburbia and suburban high-rise estates, planners and architects in the early 1970s developed other ways of making more human friendly, denser and participatory dwelling areas outside cities. Skjettenbyen […]