Suburban Planet on the Urban Political Podcast


Roger Keil's new book Suburban Planet was the subject of two episodes of the Urban Political Podcast, hosted by Ross Beveridge (Urban Studies Department of the University of Glasgow) and Markus Kip (the Georg-Simmel-Center for Metropolitan Studies at Humboldt University in Berlin).




Take Your Eyes Off the City Center!

Interview with Roger Keil on his book "Suburban Planet"

We are living on a suburban planet, if you ask Roger. He even wrote a book with that title. In the interview, he elaborates on the political implications of that condition. Situating his work on global suburbanisms in relation to the L.A. School and the debate around planetary urbanization, he flexes his intellectual muscles to make us believe that it is the suburbs that Marx and Lefebvre would pay most attention to today. Plus, find out about his surprise as Markus read a book passage back to him. “I must have been high on something when I wrote that.”

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Reviewing Suburban Planet

A Roundtable with Theresa Enright, Bérénice Bon, Philippe Koch, and Roger Keil

Roger Keil's new book, Suburban Planet, is a major contribution to (re)thinking the urban age in terms its peripheries rather than its centres. He seeks to provide us with a way of coming to terms with the process of suburbanization and the diversity of suburban forms. But does he succeed? And what are the political implications of his arguments? Listen to our book forum with Theresa Enright (University of Toronto), Berenice Bon (French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development, Paris), Philippe Koch (Zurich University of Applied Sciences) and Roger Keil (York University, Canada).

Listen to the episode here.