Geographic Clusters

Without intending to cement and reify geographical and regional boundaries, either conceptually or organizationally, we have proposed to bundle some of our research in spatial clusters. These are tentative and open groupings in which the meaning of geographical area is as much used as a starting point for our conversation, as it is designed to be probed and contested. The chosen areas are preliminary, yet also meaningful as they provide a common denominator among a large number of researchers working in disparate territorial contexts with varieties of conceptual and methodological approaches. While hoping to avoid the fate of Babylonian discord, the geographical research clusters are testament both to unifying and universal conversations across a suburbanizing globe and to myriad variation and divergence of cases. Under the guidance of the team leaders, we are specifically studying the regions of Africa (Robin Bloch and Alan Mabin); North America (Jan Nijman); Europe (Nick Phelps); South Asia (Shubhra Gururani); and China (Fulong Wu and Zhigang Li).

C1: Africa | C2: North America | C3: Europe | C4: South Asia | C5: China