C2: North American Research Cluster

Team Lead: Jan Nijman

Team Members:

Liette Gilbert
Roger Keil
Paul Knox
David Wilson

Jill Grant
Richard Harris
Rob Shields
Caroline Andrew
Julie-Anne Boudreau
Pierre Hamel
Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly
Jamie Peck
Elvin Wyly
Pierre Filion
Richard Milgrom
Byron Miller

Research Context, Methods and Goals:

Richard Walker(University of California-Berkeley), Elliot Siemiatycki (University of British Columbia) and Roger Keil (York University)

This group of researchers will investigate and write about contemporary form and meaning of the suburban in a range of North American cities. All cases are researched and written against the backdrop of the ‘classic’ perspective on suburbanization in North America as it was developed in the third quarter of the 20th century. This will be the main commonality of the cases and the backbone to this sub-project. The purpose of this cluster is to stretch, challenge, subvert, or modify conventional understanding of suburbanism, in that same North American context in which it originated. What is the present-day logic and meaning of suburbanization in North America?


Conference Presentations

Publications and Other Dissemination